I-Novo Awards 2016

MedicalExpo Presents the i-NOVO Awards at MEDICA 2016

Rewarding creativity – Recognizing innovation – Celebrating sustainability

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Expertise + Passion

Introduced in 2012, MedicalExpo has quickly established itself as the leading online resource for health professionals. With MedicalExpo, visitors can source and bookmark products, catch up on trends and directly contact manufacturers. It’s a miniature eco-system dedicated to helping them do their job. But behind every great website is a great team, and MedicalExpo is powered by a group of experts that are passionate about innovation. MedicalExpo’s I-NOVO awards aim to turn our team’s expertise into a veritable label of innovation and a useful tool for professionals.

About i-Novo

MedicalExpo’s i-NOVO Awards will identify and reward products that improve the industry’s standards through innovation.
I-NOVO will highlight MEDICA’s most exceptional products across the categories below:



The i-NOVO Design award will recognize products that take a step outside of the box. Products in this category could integrate current design trends, be visually unique, demonstrate exceptional attention to ergonomics or propose an innovative solution for an emerging need.


i-NOVO Tech Award

The i-NOVO Tech award will be given to products that demonstrate novel use of technology, whether it be the invention of a new technology, a technological innovation in the fabrication process (automatic or manual), the use of advanced technology to improve a design, the application of existing technologies in a new domain, the integration of several new technologies in one product or a completely innovative concept.

How It works

Our internal team of experts will create a product shortlist to be released on the first day of the trade show. Once the shortlist has been announced, the general public will be called upon to vote for the category winners.

Nominees and winners will benefit from extensive promotion at the trade show as well as on the MedicalExpo website and across our various medias. All nominees will be included in the official i-NOVO guide to be distributed on site and will also be identifiable thanks to the i-NOVO label on their stand. A QR code in the guide and on the I-NOVO label will allow visitors to vote at the show. Check out all of the award benefits:


October 25th, 2016
November 2nd, 2016
November 14th, 2016
November 22nd, 2016


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